Sursagar Society of Delhi Gharana (Regd. 1940)

With a view to present classical music unto the masses of Delhi and neighbouring regions, the Sursagar Society was established in 1940 by Ustad Chand Khan (1899-1980) in the memory of his father Late Ustad Mamman Khan. Since then, the non-profit society has been organising regular gatherings at Mousiqui Manzil along with a three-day annual Anniversary (Urs) festival of Ustad Mamman Khan. After having gained popularity and received appreciation from various dailies, the society gradually spread its wings all over Delhi. Several festivals featuring quality artists were organised in various auditoria. In due course of time, the society got firmly rooted in Delhi’s cultural life. The artists participating used to be such great personalities as Lt. Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan, Lt. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Lt. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Subsequently, the Kolkata chapter of Sursagar Society was founded by Ustad Chand Khan’s devoted disciples – Shri M N Das and A R Das. Some more disciples followed suit and started branches of Sursagar Society in various cities and small towns. With the demise of Ustad Chand Khan Sahib in 1980 and other senior members the responsibility came to the present Khalifa Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, who has ever since, been running the society with complete dedication and devotion.